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Spray deck

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spray deck

Spray Deck surface is what you see around almost all commercial pools. Of course, high-end hotels typically opt for a more glamorous look like stamped concrete.

Spray Deck (also called "Knock Down Spray Deck") installation involves spraying concrete through a hopper gun (similar to the textured ceiling application we are all accustomed to), then taking a flat trowel and knocking down the bumps.

People think that Spray Deck is a finish on the concrete (especially around pool decks) that is cooler to the touch than normal concrete. In reality it is cooler only because your feet touch about 50% of solid concrete, rather than 100%. With Spray Deck, the knock-down finish enables air to circulate under your feet, keeping them cooler.

Pool decks, patios, porches and walkways.

As you can see in the photos spray deck can be applied to the driveway as well as pool decks, patios, porches and walkways. You want to make sure your contractor is using a vehicular durable product which is different than the products applied to non vehicular areas.

The color of your knockdown spray deck can be completely individualized (and not limited to the color chart). One thing to always keep in mind, though, is that a concrete product colored with your desired color choice will be slightly different than a paint that gets applied to the inside or outside of your home. We always try to warn customers that an exact match is not likely.

Whatever color you choose, though, you're choosing a unique, elegant finish that should give you years of enjoyment with an upscale look with little maintenance.