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Frequently Asked questions

How long has this acrylic resurfacing product been in use?

Acrylic resurfacing has been in use since the early 1970s. Polymer was added in the 1980s to provide superior bonding properties, and to increase strength, durability and longevity.

How does this product bond to concrete?

First, the surface is etched with muriatic acid and pressure washed to clean off dirt, remove loose aggregate, and open the concrete pores.

Next, a very thin "skim" coat of the acrylic cement mix is applied by trowel. This provides maximum absorption into the pores of the concrete. Patterns are laid out using reinforced tape when this is dry.

A second coat is applied using a drywall hopper in a random spray pattern. When this coat is dry, the tape is pulled, revealing the patterns; then 2-3 coats of solvent based sealer is applied using a roller. This sealer coat penetrates and softens the skim and spray coats and bonds all layers to the concrete.

When dry, these two layers become a permanent part of the existing concrete, providing outstanding weather and stain resistance.

How does it stand up against oils, stains, salts, and discoloration?

Because of the protective properties of the sealer coat, it is a non-porous finish. Most stains due to oil and grease wash off with mild detergent. Salt, deicers, fertilizers and such have no effect on it at all. In addition, because of its unique UV (ultra violet) additive, the product will not discolor due to exposure to sunlight, even in the harshest of conditions.

What are the color choices?

DECORATIVE CONCRETE currently has 13 standard colors, and 15 highlight colors to choose from. Our unique highlighting system provides virtually unlimited color combinations. Custom colors and personalized logos are available at an additional cost.

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