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Acid Staining
Acid Staining

Acid Staining (chemical staining) is a great alternative to tile, wood, and even carpet inside the home. Acid stained floors can be cleaned, stained and buffed to a high shine for easy maintenance and durability. We can apply chemical stains to any interior concrete surface, whether new or old, plain or colored.


Metallic salts are the ingredients that actually color the concrete. These salts, in an acidic, water-based solution, react with calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime) in hardened concrete, creating insoluable colored compounds that become a permanent part of the concrete. The stain can take as much as a month to fully develop, and the outcome can depend on several factors including the composition of the concrete, the age and moisture content of the concrete, whether conditions at the time the stain is applied, and more.


Acid stains come in color groups of black, brown, and blue-green. The most popular finishes among homeowners are light tan, with greens and browns being popular as well. Acid-stained concrete need not be bland! In fact, it can be made to look like marble, fine rugs, water, works of art, and much more -- the imagination of the customer and the skill of the contractor are the only limits. View a color chart of stained concrete (opens in a new window).

 (Although acid staining does have its uses, we highly recommend polishing the concrete, especially in high-traffic areas.)

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